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Mammoth Cave National Park & the National Corvette Museum

Sunday, July 20, 2008

sunny 32 °C

We drive over to Mammoth Cave National Park. Lots of construction around the visitor center and lots of visitors.


We buy our tickets for our cave tour and then head over to grab some lunch: burgers and fries. Not very good, but they fill us up so that we're ready for our 90 minute cave walk.

We take a bus to the entrance of the cave and start our guided tour.

Interesting tour, but I'm a little tired of touring caves (remember I'm not crazy about closed in spaces).

We walk around the grounds around the visitor center, including the original entrance to the cave, and then head to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.


We look at the many Corvettes,


We play their racing game (not very good, but we can't pass up a racing game) and then we arrive at the "Corvette Nursery"


There are several brand new Corvettes waiting to be picked up by their owners. I ANXIOUSLY look to see if one of the Corvettes has my name on it -- My birthday is this week! Here's the one I like:


BUT the Corvette 'babies' are all for
someone else :-(

We head back to the campground for an evening of swimming, relaxation and running a few errands.

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St Louis, Missouri to Bowling Green, Kentucky

Saturday, July 19, 2008

sunny 33 °C

Another long day of driving (300 miles); making our way home to Pennsylvania. We get an early start, leaving St Louis RV Park before 9 am. There is a lot to do in St Louis; we could have spent a few more days here, but we're all getting anxious to get home. Joe goes to church camp next weekend, so we need to be home by next Friday and we have a few more stops we want to make before we get home.

We take mainly interstates and parkways today, so not much interesting scenery. We get to the Bowling Green KOA by 4pm and set up the trailer before heading to the pool.

We hang out in the pool til the air-conditioning cools down the 5ver to a comfortable temperature. It's hot and humid again today.

We have a relaxing evening: reading and on the laptop; and we call it a day.

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Budweiser Brewery Tour

Friday, July 18, 2008

sunny 34 °C

St Louis has lots of 'free' options and today we go to one of the best of the many free things in St Louis: the Budweiser Brewery Tour. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and is actually really interesting.


A lot of history incorporated in the tour and some interesting architecture in many of the buildings.




Budweiser has been sold to a European company, so not sure how long they'll keep this tour going.


We spend our morning there and then at the end of the tour Jere gets two free beers while Joe and I get free sodas (and pretzels -- can't drink beer on an empty tummy).


We leave the brewery and head to a local shopping mall so Jere and Joe can get measured for their tuxes (for Jen and Jason's wedding in September). Then we head back to the RV park for relaxation, dinner and swimming. There are fireworks at the festival several blocks from the RV park so we get to see some great fireworks from the swimming pool in the evening.

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St Louis Arch and Cardinals Baseball

Thursday, July 17, 2008

sunny 24 °C

Another hot day in St Louis, but a very good time today. We start out by driving down to the Mississippi River and parking on the side of the river close to the St Louis Arch. It's a short, but interesting, walk to the arch. The Mississippi had flooded a few weeks ago and we can still see evidence of high water in this area.

We buy our tickets to ride up to the top of the arch; actually we buy a combo ticket that includes a paddleboat ride on the Mississippi. Then we spend some time checking out the museum at the base of the arch. I'm not crazy about small, enclosed spaces so the ride up to the top of the arch in a little room with 5 of us sitting in a few feet high room is not 'fun' for me, but it is unique. The view from the top of the arch is great and we spend about 30 minutes looking at everything far below us.




Our next stop is our 90 minute paddleboat ride on the Mississippi River.


We get some great views of the Arch from the boat.

We can see debris from the flooding that occurred several weeks earlier.

We also watch barges get loaded with coal.

After the boatride we grab some lunch on the dock at the Arch Cafe. Food's okay, and we eat outside where there's a little breeze from the river.

We return to the bottom of the Arch to see the rest of the museum and their movie. Nice museum, interesting movie, GREAT air-conditioning. I see an interesting quote from FDR on the one wall. Timeless quote --


Today we are faced with the preeminent fact that, if civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together and work together in the same world, at peace.

After the movie we head over to the old city hall -- nice architecture, but we don't spend a lot of time there. I can only take reading so many museum displays in one day :-)

We head back to the RV park for a relaxing swim, some dinner and then head back downtown to see the Cardinals.

The Cardinals won so we kept our streak of the home team winning. They had 4 solo home runs and beat the Padres 4-3, which made the sold out crowd very happy.

Busy day, but a good day!

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Branson, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

sunny 34 °C

Another long day of driving as we continue to head East. We drive 265 miles from Branson, Missouri to St Louis, Missouri. We're staying at the St Louis RV Park. It's a RV park that's actually in the city of St Louis, so we take our 53' rig through town. I phoned them and they gave me very good directions to get through town, but it's a little scary to me to be driving in such a large town and not being familiar with the roads. The directions the host gave us are great and we make it to the RV park with no problems. The directions keep us on nice wide roads with nice wide turns through town.

The RV park is in an industrial area of the city and is simply a parking lot for RVs, with water, electric and sewer hook-ups. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to stay here, but the hosts are very friendly and the best part is that they have a nice swimming pool! It is HOT HOT HOT again today.

We set up the trailer, start the air conditioner going and then head downtown to buy tickets for tomorrow's St Louis Cardinal baseball game (we're still trying to see all the major league baseball parks). The baseball park is only 5 minutes from the RV park, so Jere drops me off, I buy the tickets and we head back to the campground. I make dinner while Jere and Joe go for a swim. We eat dinner in our bedroom--the coolest room in the 5ver. Then we all head to the pool.


No one else is in the pool so we have it all to ourselves. We swim for awhile and then head back to the 5ver for an early bedtime.


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